SigComm is Significant Communication.

Based in Ashburn, Virginia with customers and partners all over the place, SigComm has been blessed with too much business ever since (knocking on wood here). SigComm started accidentally in 1999 by Signy Roberts.

SigComm is a content factory — specializing in visual branding and advertising — making unique, hard-working, custom deliverables and polishing established brands and making new ones from scratch.

Most significantly — a good chunk of profits are donated every year to help out various charities — from local homeless shelters and food pantries to Habitat for Humanity. This is where design is more than design. It is SIGnificant COMMunication.


Signy is crazy enough to think she can change the world or at least help it #SmileMore.

Signy’s CORE BELIEFS: everyone would be happier and healthier by:

* spending more time outdoors

* moving their bodies more often

* infusing music in their lives — daily!

(this aids + promotes more of the first 2)

Signy is obsessed with learning, self-improvement, news media, typography, design, historic homes, hoppy craft beers, strong coffee & Sriracha hot sauce – but never at the same time (the last 3 anyway).

Signy lives in Ashburn, Virginia with her two teenagers and two golden retrievers.

See Signy’s “Living” Manifesto