SIGNY’S “Living” Manifesto

Been thinking a lot about this lately — this year of my 50th. Here goes.

Signy’s first surf lesson 6/14/19; 47 days before turning 50

Life goals — for my next (+BETTER!) half of life*

  • I want to SIT LESS in the next 50 years then I did the last 50
  • I want to MOVE more — from dancing to swimming to skiing to flying to growing (mentally / spiritually / emotionally) — in these senses, I feel like I want & need to MOVE more
  • Be outside more
  • Travel more
  • Want to laugh 4x more
  • Smile more (duh) =)
  • Help others more — including all living things, such as this planet
  • Connect + socialize more
  • MORE music
  • Speak-up more (instead of staying quiet when I disagreed with important things that crossed my boundaries / or thresholds for what is “right”)
  • Do more to help society & culture (perhaps engaging in political activism — help advance important-to-me missions — like humanitarian aid & earth-saving initiatives)
  • Ski, bike, hike, swim, dance more (repetitive of #2 but figure this is worth repeating = )
  • Be kinder to Earth w/o guilt
  • Be by the sea & in the mountains more
  • Try new things more (for ex: perhaps singing lessons; whereas in the first part of my life I proclaimed “I can’t sing”)
  • Worry LESS.
  • ADVENTURE more
  • Say “YES” even more
  • GO

= )

(*Not saying there was anything wrong with my 1st half of life! =D. No, on the contrary — I feel blessed and I have slogged through some dark spots. Just wanted to put this down for the record. To keep me honest ((hopefully)) + on track)

POSTSCRIPT: I’m really UNcomfortable showing myself, pictures & all and I do trust that this comes across as intended — with the hope of inspiring / enlightening / entertaining others (as opposed to completely narcissistic! =} =) ). I’m stunned that I’m 50 and that I could & that I actually DID learn to ride a skateboard & surf this year. Life’s not easy. Yet I can not believe that here I am — on this side & LIVING colorfully and smiling more than ever. Savoring the beauty of life. GRATEFUL.

Thank you for being here. YOU are WONDERFUL. And BEAUTIFUL. And THAT I know for sure. True ❤️


originally published 10 August 2019