If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours

Movement for positivity

SIGnificant COMMunication

SigComm is an optimistic creative agency specialized in Art & Copy established in 1999 by Signy Roberts. Signy loves to work for ambitious entrepreneurs and companies that:

— have a clear vision
— possess an eye for beauty +
— want to make a positive change in this world.

“I LOVE making meaningful messaging & graphics that MOVE people and make them smile”.

Moving brands –elevate your message + magnify your marketing

marketing that MOVES — elevates your business brand + creates smiles and touches peoples hearts and makes them move towards what you are selling.  

SMART & thoughtful business GRAPHICS for both worlds :: digital + paper. 

About Signy

MISSIONS & passions

Marketing therapist on demand.
Distiller of great ideas.

I am passionate about

  • business communication
  • information design and branding.
  • my two children
  • my dogs
  • African dancing
  • skiing

Spreading smiles   
Really & true… at the end of the day, that’s what it’s about…

How can I help you?

What people say about me

“I highly recommend that you consider Signy and SigComm for your next (and future)
Marketing/Design challenges. Signy has the uncanny ability to take even the most basic
idea/concept and transform it into a wonderfully creative well thought out solution. Signy is a master work crafter, skilled in all aspects of media technology.”

Walter W. Wachter III (Corky), Any Mountain Tours

“Signy — You are an absolute Gem! Developing ACC’s fantastic logo and branding are just some of the POWERFUL ways that you’ve helped ACC become what it is today. Thank you ever so much!”

Paula Hochstetler, ACC President (former), Principal at H&H Consults, LLC

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