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Hi, I am Signy Roberts


* moving * living to the beat … dancing through life. * MUSIC… music as therapy & dance as therapy. * voluntarily giving back.
* nature rules. * honesty always. * karma rocks. * the magic happens when we get out of our comfort zones. * LOVE * peace * smiles =) * CONNECTIVITY

I’m passionate about

Everyone could be happier and healthier by:
1) spending more time outdoors 2) moving their bodies more often 3) infusing music in their lives — daily! (aids + promotes more of first 2)

An idea worth spreading

> Making a movement of MOVING > Encouraging our culture to be more comfortable moving our bodies to the beat. > Dancing in open public places. > We move (dance), we stay happy + young.

Breathe branding


Signy lives and breathes branding. She actually eats logos for breakfast lunch and dinner. Visual branding is her middle name.

If you need a branding make-over Signy’s your go to person.

Signy makes your stuff look good


Super Efficient

Deeply Committed

Highly Skilled